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Finalisten IBM Watson AI XPRIZE bekend gemaakt

door Pieter Werner

De Stichting XPRIZE Foundation, opgericht om ‘de grote uitdagingen van de mensheid op te lossen’ heeft bekend gemaakt welke teams gaan meedingen naar de IBM Watson AI XPRIZE. Deze wedstrijd is bedoeld om te laten zien hoe mensen AI kunnen inzetten om wereldproblemen aan te pakken.

De IBM AI XPRIZE finalisten zijn:

aifred health (Montreal): Developing a system that uses high-quality data about mental health to help physicians work with their patients to choose personalized treatments for depression.

Clean Robotics (Pittsburgh): Developing robotic trash cans that automatically sort waste into the correct waste stream using artificial intelligence, computer vision, and a proprietary sensor system.

Deep Drug (Baton Rouge): Developing computer aided drug design software utilizing AI-based techniques to rapidly identify new drug compounds to address the issues of multi drug-resistance and newly emerging pathogens.

Element Inc. (NYC/India): Developing a biometric recognition-solution for children under the age of five.

emPrize (Atlanta): Developing virtual tutors for online education that will offer learning assistance through personalized tutoring, answering questions, and providing feedback to students.

Iris.ai (Germany/Norway/Netherlands): Developing technology to improve access to scientific knowledge.

MachineGenes (Queensland, Australia): Focusing on helping people with Type 1 diabetes, including those with “brittle” diabetes, through the use of evolutionary machine learning and advanced AI to recommend the best insulin dosage and keep each individual patient’s blood glucose levels under control.

Marinus Analytics (San Francisco and Pittsburgh): Developing AI solutions that help law enforcement, government, and the private sector identify and combat sex trafficking.

Orbem (Munich, Germany): Developing MRI + AI image classification technology aimed at preventing the unnecessary killing of billions of 1-day-old male chicks, reducing food waste and energy consumption along the way.

Zzapp Malaria (Tel Aviv, Israel): Applying AI in the fight against malaria, by analyzing online databases and satellite data to create intervention strategies for individual communities based on environmental and other conditions.

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